Recently GP Glass contacted me to shoot some reference shots of the new look Simplot offices in Ulverstone, Tasmania. Here are a few shots from the shoot.

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I got a call from the PR guy at Scania Australia regarding shooting some images to use in their “Scania Experience Magazine”. We spoke a few times, went through the motions and the job was set. The shots are to go with an editorial on Norton Transport in Burnie, Tasmania. The guys have just picked up a new rig, they’ve been Scania customers for about 35 years and having a couple of trucks with over a million kilometres on the clock…

So, a pretty straight forward job other than the sun absolutely belting down in the afternoon! I had no idea what the yard was going to look like, keeping in mind that the shots had to be clean, de-cluttered and void of power lines if possible… Scouting around I found a couple of locations to prop the subjects – trucks and humans into place.

The guys were great to chat with while I setup, asking about photography what I get up to in my job…

I decided to use a large shoot through umbrella for large coverage with a 1/4 CTO gelled flash to give some colour separation, shooting in aperture priority for full depth of field control and dialling in between -1/3 and -1 EV to boost the saturation and contrast in the background.

That pretty much sums up the shoot! The Scania guys were stoked on the results, everyone is happy.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy the shots.


It was Friday afternoon and I just finished shooting some real estate. Being reminded that it was a long weekend and the pics can wait till around Tuesday, I felt like I was actually on holidays! Ideas streamed through my brain, the most obvious to me was to go BUSH! I’m chasing some elusive photos which I’ve never actually seen before. HIGH quality Tasmanian devil images, in a natural habitat, NOT captive and well, in the dark. Yes, there are plenty of of those infra-red sensor camera out there shooting some video and also 8mp stills of devils climbing trees etc, but what is this footage and photos good for other than pure record keeping? Nothing, not publishable what so ever… So to be honest, the image quality stinks. I know, because I have one too! It’s a Bushnell trophy cam, fancy black LED flash etc… Cool, but not what I’m after.

I’ve invested in some of the best infra red monitors available which will trigger a camera in situations you choose, built some housing for camera bodies and other bits and pieces. Time to put it to use for 2012! Long treks to setup and makes sure everything is working spot on, it was a fairly warm weekend too so a few beers went down well after that part… This weekend wasn’t to be for the shots I’m chasing, but I managed to get some nice stuff anyway . Here are some of the weekends best! The chase will continue.


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I shoot a fair bit of commercial photography around Tasmania, lately quite a bit of real estate. Here are some images which stand out to me the most. Feel free to contact me for more information at heath@heathholdenphotography.com

More can be seen here – http://www.heathholdenphotography.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=6



Displaying some work at the Body and Soul festival in Launceston over this weekend. Here’s a little snap of the setup…

Body and Soul festival display.

13th of June!

So today is my birthday! This coffee is a special delivery from Spain… Thank you!


Hello world!

Welcome to my BLOG! I had this running a while back but let it slide for a while. Now, getting busy and will try my best to keep it up to date with my all sorts of photography work going on! Subscribe and hope you enjoy! I’ve attached a shot from a recent downhill race at Paloona in Tasmanias north-west. Chow!Image

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